Types of Visuals to Use in Blog Posts (The Top 5 Most Effective)

No matter what kind of a blog you write, visuals should always be your friend. Visuals are pleasant to your readers’ eyes and they help you keep your audience more interested and engaged with your content. In fact, posts that include visuals produce 650% higher engagement than text-only posts. As a result, people stay on your page much longer, decreasing that bounce rate that is too essential for your ranking placement in search results.

Now, let’s discover the top 5 most effective types of visuals for you to use right in your next blog post. Believe us, you will see the positive results not long after its implementation. Also, just so you know, 84% of online communications is predicted to be visual by 2018. So, why would you lack behind, right? Right! Now, follow us!

Videos are huge right now in visual marketing. 1/3 of online activity is spent watching videos. They are actually believed to be the future of Content Marketing. Why? That’s because, as statistics show, people like watching videos. “Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.”

87% of digital marketers already use videos in their content. Moreover, 51% of marketing professionals worldwide state that video brings higher ROI than any other type of visual content. What are you waiting for?

Well designed infographics that are visually pleasant, fun and super informative have a very high potential to keep your blog readers engaged. According to HubSpot, 41.5% of marketers claim infographics to be the type of visual content that has the highest engagement. In fact, online readers like and share infographics 3x more than any other content.

Wouldn’t you want your blog posts to be highly engaging, having a lot of likes and shares? Of course you would! Then, consider creating valuable infographics out of your data-rich content, to maximize the effectiveness of your blog posts. Easy!

Data-Driven Visuals
Just like infographics, data-driven visuals make your content more comprehensible for your readers. Each one of them will appreciate your efforts of presenting information in charts, graphs, diagrams, tables or any other data-driven visuals that are much easier to spot in a text and, let alone understand it. Well, it is not a secret that the majority (65%) of people are visual learners.

Furthermore, according to QuickSprout research, blog posts with data-driven visuals rank 4th in respect to high social sharings. Online users just love sharing valuable content that is simply eye-friendly. Attention grabber: that’s the best word to describe this type of visual content.

Screenshots are great visual props to include in your blog posts. They are super easy to attain and super effective in terms of reader engagement.  Just bookmark a piece of information with a screenshot, and keep it for use in a related article of yours to share with your readers. Draw an arrow on it, a circle, or even an elephant as long as it adds more value in terms of showing and coaching. Screenshots are mostly used in step-by-step guides, checklists, tips lists and a lot more types of content, driving more reader engagement and satisfaction.

Considering that the average person reads only 20% of a web-page and views every single image, you can see how useful screenshots will be in your blog posts. Rather than explaining something with words, try to show it visually. Your readers will love it, trust us!